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Process Discovery: Find Automation Opportunities You Never Thought You Had

RPA Often Fails Due to Lack of Process Insights

According to a recent HFS study with KPMG, 44% of operations leaders are less than satisfied with their automation programmes. Further, over 50% of enterprise leaders feel that RPA is meeting less than 60% of their automation aspirations. RPA was supposed to deliver the shiny automation rainbow, but after a few years, the shine has faded. And the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is nowhere to be found. Executives cited issues varying from the complexity of implementation, lack of RPA integration and data ingestion, and inability to scale. Enterprises also faced roadblocks in identyifing which processes should be automated to gain the most business value. 

How can you understand what processes need to be automated if you don’t have the specific insight needed to understand what is working and where possible opportunities lie?

Why Process Discovery is Needed Now

Process Discovery is a machine learning-based software that identifies business solutions to automate the work of employees by defining a sequence of steps. Think of it as a performance review for your current software processes that determines what’s working well and what could work better.  It allows you to identify gaps in business operations using metrics and design automation workflows, making the mapping, planning and implementation of automation quicker and more efficient.

Yet, regardless of industry or company size, the level of process knowledge and understanding is surprisingly low. There may be a handful of standard operating procedures, and it’s likely they are poorly documented and possibly outdated. Which leaves individual employees to follow their version of a best practice. While working with high-performing employees to improve processes and embed them into RPA can result in some improvements, you’re relying on human memory to recreate the process.

Discover the Benefits of Process Discovery

Process Discovery is the missing piece of the automation puzzle, ensuring that your automation decisions are supported by relevant data. You can expect improved quality and performance through accurate and up-to-date process workflows, deeper understanding and enhanced process optimisation without human errors. Here are just a few reasons why investing in a Process Discovery solution puts you on the path for successful automation:

Gain insights - derive deeper insights across all processes, people and productivity 

Identify automation opportunities - analyse process gaps and discover the most efficient path for automation 

Optimise processes for automation – optimise human-driven business processes and maximise productivity

Measure tangible ROI – productivity is measured pre- and post- automation

Accelerate automation development – map processes in record time

Minimal disruption – Unlike traditional process mining, eliminate the need for APIs and access to event logs to deliver time-to-value within weeks

How Process Discovery Transforms Global Industries


In manufacturing, the ultimate goal is achieving a timely, accurate and complete delivery to a customer. To make this goal a consistently achievable result, you need data to coordinate factories in different regions as well as shipping consistencies. Process discovery makes it possible to compare the performance of various regions, analyse individual steps, calculate duration, and identify employees performing the task, among other capabilities.  

Banking and Financial Services

Successful execution in the financial sector involves meticulously following established rules and regulations, as well as demonstrating compliance. The amount of data required to successfully execute these steps is overwhelming to even the highest performing employee. By visualising in a process flow it's possible to understand how often deviations and variations occur in an automated fashion, as well as understand the root cause of specific nonconformity. Process discovery empowers employees to demonstrate digital footprints and identify specific improvement needs. 


The global telecommunications industry is highly competitive and detail-oriented.  Tasks like identification of hinderances and visually understanding operations that are dispersed at a geographical level are now possible with a single software platform.


There are many behind-the-scenes businesses operation steps that help the retail sector function to its full potential. Coordinating the details to successfully execute logistics, warehousing, order management, and supplier management throughout the complete customer life cycle is crucial for the success of any leading retail brand. Having visibility to understand these intertwined business processes helps to identify bottlenecks, as well as failing processes.  


The goal of service companies is to achieve higher operational excellence (e.g. lower costs) than their customers for the particular processes they outsource. Process discovery is an important tool for improving the efficiency of a service company by ensuring harmonised operations, and finding root causes for process issues and inefficiencies.

Make Your RPA Investment Work for You

Gartner predicts “the RPA market will top US$1 billion by 2020, and with a 63% growth rate from 2018 to 2019, RPA is currently the fastest-growing segment of the global enterprise software market.” As adoption increases, there’s a growing need for tools like Process Discovery to uncover hidden processes, making your RPA solution work better. 

To achieve automation success RPA is not an end-to-end solution but rather a key ingredient in your automation journey. Solutions like AntWorks’ Process Discovery uncovers hidden processes, formalises them and allows you to continually optimise your processes now and in the future.

Discover how Process Discovery can help you.

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