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Simplifying Financial Reporting Without Compromising Quality


Whether you must comply with local GAAP, IFRS or another standard, CaseWare Financials lets you automatically create customized financial statements based on information in your Working Papers. This makes financial reporting significantly more efficient, reducing your workload considerably, while minimizing risks of error.

Key Features

Automated Financial Statement Generation Automatically generate a draft of camera ready financial statements and notes based on data in your trial balance, while controlling application of suggestions.

Data Consistency and Automatic Flow-through Decrease the risk of errors significantly by automating flow through of numbers and adjustments made to the trial balance.

Simple Standardization Customize content, styles and formatting once and then apply standards across clients to maintain a consistent level of quality.

Built in Libraries Generate your own content or leverage available note libraries to be more efficient.

Drill-down Capability Leverage point-and-click capability to easily access supporting work papers associated with numbers in your financial statement.

Seamless Integration Financials seamlessly integrates with other CaseWare modules including Audit and Review.

IFRS Financials is an end-to-end solution to fully automate financial statement preparation and financial reporting using best of breed statement and note examples which are based on the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

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